Tap Dance Performance Instruction offered by

Nancy Cottrell in La Jolla, California

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Class Tips



What to Bring:    Tap shoes (of course), any

color/type (by the 2nd class).

Dance bag with towel, water bottle, etc.


What to Wear:    Any color leotard or

comfortable top, tights, shorts or short skirt

(should not be longer than mid-thigh)  No

slacks please. (We’re a leggy tap class here)


(Ideally, tappers are encouraged to have tan

character tap shoes w/ 2” heels,  black leotard &

short tap shorts,  Baryshnikov  brand “toast” colored

tights, or Bloch brand Endura Suplex in “light tan”.)


Any interested party can come and watch

 one of our classes.

However, you must be registered

 to participate in our class!


Stage / Ensemble group participation is voluntary and may not always offer pay for professional bookings, or discounts for classes for those in the  tap dance troupe.  Costume expense is the dancer’s, but having a costume is priceless!