Tap Dance Performance Instruction offered by

Nancy Cottrell in La Jolla, California

Text Box: Who We Are

Tapping to the Stars!!! is a tap group for women 35+ (though most of us are 55+).† Some of us have tapped before if only through childhood lessons., some always wanted to tap & a few have prior stage experience, but we all are happy when weíre tapping.


We tend to be well educated (some very well) often have professional backgrounds, perhaps community involvement or a history of achievement.† We value personal development and have the resources in time & desire to achieve that development, yet are down-to-earth in the Studio.


Tap dance, for all itís fun, laughter, glamour, rhythm, harmony, synchronization, teamwork, unity of movement and just plain girl-time together as we transmit the musicís beat to our feet is really an art form, a performing art, that enhances physical condition, poise and mental acuity as well as depth of personality.


So donít just join us for the cheap thrills!†

Youíll get plenty of those.

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Check out our article in the La Jolla Light on August 29, 2013!!